Hard Floors

Hybrid Flooring

If you are looking for flooring that combines the natural look of timber with the durability of luxury vinyl and laminate, then Hybrid flooring is the perfect choice for you. Offering the appeal of a genuine timber look, hybrid flooring is a resilient floorcovering.

It’s also resistant to scratches, scuffs and stains, and also great at absorbing sound. Not only is it 100% water resistant thanks to limestone composite core board, but it can withstand direct heat and extreme cold. Even with fluctuating temperatures, the boards expand and contract minimally. This means no lifting, cracking or buckling of your flooring as the temperate changes.

Engineered Timber

There’s nothing like hardwood floors. The way it looks and feels under feet is difficult to beat. But there is another option. Engineered Timber Flooring. Consisting of a thinner top layer of hardwood glued on top of a more affordable plywood. This achieves the same luxurious look and feel of solid timber whilst reducing the cost.

Engineered timber floors come prefinished so you don’t need to deal with any sanding or polishing. Multiple layers of protective coating are also applied at the factory to make the engineered timber floor wear-resistant.

Timber Laminate

Timber Laminate provides the look of timber with added durability. Comprised of a textured and coloured print layer that is sandwiched between a protective topcoat and a composite core made of HDF. The composite timber is hard wearing with the uppermost layer of laminate offering fantastic scratch resistance.

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